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The Omnia Group builds mutually profitable relationships with the best companies, brands and products in the industry.

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Fostering Personalized Success

At the Omnia Group our team consists of two territory representatives and one in sales and marketing. The Omnia group offers both regional and national representation tailored to the manufacturer’s needs. We work hard to build trust, rapport, and relationships on behalf of our suppliers and professionally represent their brand, strategy, and value in the market place.

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With transparency and communication from beginning to end, we are dedicated to making your vision and goals clearer, providing you with the tools needed and the quick responsive support to help make it to where you need to go.

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Discover more about us, our principals, and what we have to offer at more than just the base level, so that you can be confident in your decision at every step of the way. 




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At The Omnia Group, we are here to make your experience easy and tailored to your needs

Whether you’re seeking expert advice, looking for innovative solutions, or simply exploring possibilities, our team is dedicated to understanding your goals and delivering the support you deserve. Let us guide you on your journey to success.