From vibrant cities to remote landscapes, we capture the essence of each place we visit. But it’s not just about the locations; it’s about the people we meet along the way. There is beauty everywhere, waiting to be discovered. The world is calling, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Meet Ravi!

Join me, Ravi Singh, a traveler who was born in India and raised in America with a deep appreciation for every corner of this Earth. I have a passion for exploration and a camera always by my side, capturing the moments that resonate with me. I want to share the joy and wonder of travel with you, inviting you to dream alongside me.

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Follow along and uncover the paths of the world with me and see not only the places, but the people I meet along the way!

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10 things you should always travel with

Don’t leave the house feeling like you forgot something! We all have that traditional checklist of items to bring along on our travels – but I would love to share these 10 things I’ve found to enrich my traveling experiences.

Iceland – what you may not have know!

Iceland is known for it’s beautiful scenery, but did you know there are also over 100+ volcanos on the island!? And 30 of these volcanos are currently active! Now, if you looked up in the sky for northern lights, you might also be surprised to find out that you can see red in the northern lights here!

Iceland – Travel itineraries


Tours, popular destinations, must-sees. With endless ways to explore this wildly gorgeous island, itineraries can become overwhelming! But sometimes you can find the most magical places with a little bit of digging. Go off the beaten path and come explore what the land really has to offer!


There is beauty everywhere, waiting to be discovered. Together, we can image the possibilities and ignite your desire to create your own cherished memories.